Slow beats and delicate vocals set the tone for “Forever,” a single about holding on to the ones you love, being lost, and finding your way back to the right track again while surrounded by love. The track is so cozy and soothing, as if stopping the world from spinning for a while just to enjoy some quality time with the ones you care most about, as the lyrics clearly state: “If it means we could be here forever, then I don’t want to go.”

The simple yet moving music video, the sincere lyrical choice, the musical vibes, gently warm beats, and the soft, breathy vocals all reflect what counts in life. The instrumental part itself transports you to a place where you are satisfied with your life and grateful for everyone and everything you have. Slowing the beat down again in the outro seamlessly resets the time, leaving you with the most wonderful feeling in the world, as if you are complete for even a few seconds.

Thanks to these tunes and vocals You can spend what seems like “Forever,” with your perfect life moment, whatever you want to imagine it, with whomever you choose.

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Viola Karmy