Scot Free Sessions is more than a band, it’s a project based on the collaboration of musicians that were brought together by the exceptional songwriter Scot Robinson to bring his songs and lyrics to life. SFS was named a five-time finalist in the ISC; International Songwriting Competition; they have finished in the top 3 of the “lyrics only” competition 3 years in a row. After several workshops with the most famous songwriters in the industry and several master classes, it was Ray Wylie, the Texas outlaw poet who pushed Scot to bring the musicians together to record his songs and pursue his dreams. He teamed up with the guitarist and producer Bobby Cameron and ended up writing 85 songs together. 

They just dropped their first single “Ford Motel” from their upcoming debut album “Edmonton Skyline”. A song intended for the summer and the openness of the road. A tune for the free-spirited that gives you feel-good vibes and a touch of warmness. It’ll give you endless smiles with lots of optimistic vibes to spread, such a beautiful song to listen to at the start of your day to lift you and give you something to look forward to. The electric guitar tunes are impossible not to pay attention to, the vocalist has a vibrant, warm voice and an attitude of familiarity and comfort. The song is already at 29.7K streams on Spotify only resulting in an incredibly high number of monthly listeners of 18.5K with no other songs in their discography. The track was mixed by Chris Bell and mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in California. The remarkable vocals and guitar were played by Bobby Cameron (Long John Baldry) himself, the bass guitar was played by James LoMenzo (Ozzy Osbourne, John Fogerty), and the drums by Kenny Arnoff (Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp). 

Make sure to check out their website to know more about Scot Robinson’s remarkable background and stories, and to know about the interesting stories behind their collaborations, how their music evolved, and their creative process.  


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