The driving and dynamic grooves of ‘For Us All’, the latest release from Asgard Raven, make for an engulfing listening experience that calls to mind great adventures in the wilderness and countless sparks of nostalgia for simpler times.

Based in Andover, England, Asgard Raven is a blues singer and songwriter who excels at creating anthemic, blues-centered songs infused with Britpop rhythms and melodies, and ‘For Us All’ is a case in point. Asgard Raven learned to play guitar during his military time in Cyprus and has since been writing songs about life and love, and memories that he hopes his listeners can resonate with.

‘For Us All’ jangles with Raven’s overdriven cacophony of rhythm guitars. Everything from acoustic strums, overdriven riffs, atmospheric wails, and modulated mayhem, Raven’s army of guitars is warm, and powerful, and gives the song a massive sound. Delightfully, the song’s countless guitars are mixed in nicely enough to never once sound overpowering or crowding the mix. Instead, the song sounds like a bustling hive of activity, a sound that greatly benefits the song’s words and forward-moving grooves.

All in all, Asgard Raven proves with ‘For Us All’ that he knows how to write a memorable guitar part, play it, and mix it just right to play its part. A true veteran, Raven is effortlessly orchestrating his rowdy ensemble to all the right effects, creating a song that’s lush, invigorating, and energizing.