British music was, and will always be a staple of high quality musical achievement, from melodies to chord progression to production…the British wave is a never ending flow of just…good music!

“For Real” is the first release in 2022 from the UK-based artist Aza Brown…and it is a brilliant song, for real. Pun Intended.

Aza hails from Chesterfield, United Kingdom…and man, he’s a master crafter of good music, awesome production and the catchiest of melodies, he is starting out his artistic year 2022 with “For Real”, an upbeat, pop, rock, anthemic, super melodic and catchy song. 

You can experience some essence of huge names like The Beatles, The Verve, Talk Talk, Jellyfish, The Doors, Frank Zappa, David Bowie thrown in the soul of Aza and thus, reflecting in his craft, but with his own rules and his own twist.

Actually, Aza recorded with Arctic Monkeys’ producer Alan Smyth before working with Danny Burton (Finley Quaye, John Entwistle, Zak Starkey)…and they all made brilliant work with Aza.

The overall mood is one that is sorely missed these days, it is very upbeat and uplifting, it’s a song that will take you by the hand, raise you up, and blow some energy in your soul…why don’t we have more of this? 

From a lyrical point of view, “For Real” has a cog-in-a-machine perspective in a stick-it-to-the-man kind of attitude…c’mon…this is just way too real. This is the life that we’ve been adjusted to live and live in.

…let me also mention that this is Aza’s first song with the “Explicit” sticker on, but let me assure you, it’s not gratuitous…there is a message, and it’s about our world that we live in…and this is the real world…

Aza has been featured in “BBC Introducing” for his song “For Real”, so he’s not joking around, he’s making things happen…he’s making awesome music and he’s talking about something real…all the checkboxes have been ticked!

“For Real” also talks about fear, what if fear was maybe like a…mountain…and it was standing in our way of life…what if we cross that mountain…what’s on the other side?

A question that only we, ourselves could perhaps try and answer…

“For Real” is all meat…so let’s jump into the meat of things and experience it, jump in!

“For Real” starts on a high note…with a big band playing with a rock band attitude…talk about an explosive start!

The brass section is just big!

The bassline is absolutely locking in and grooving with the drums!

The drums are driving the energy forward!

Let me also highlight that the chord progression is catchy in itself, but add on it the vocal melody and you got yourself a recipe for awesomeness.

The song has a catchy structure, with catchy vocals and vocal layering…it also has a feeling that a lot of people are singing it, you just feel like you want to jump in and start singing too!

It has that crowd participation/anthemic feel to it, you can’t help yourself but to interact with it!

I believe that “For Real” is one of those songs that you actually need to hear and experience, the kind that has words that will resonate with you…maybe even could be the push or the sign you needed to introduce some change in your life.

Aza, we love your song “For Real” and we will be waiting for more awesome work from you.

We wish you all the best in the world.