Californian folk/country- rock band Venice. From left to right: Pat Lennon, Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon and Michael Lennon. Photographed by Michel Porro, 2 April 2014 in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

With a harmonic soundscape by Venice, we’re introduced to the fact that we sometimes chase mirages, losing sight of what’s valuable because of shiny, worthless matters, in “Fool’s Gold.”

Venice is a quartet based in Venice. They’re the two brothers, Mark and Michael Lennon, and their cousins, Kipp and Pat Lennon, who have been making music, performing it, and working on their distinct sound since the 80’s. You can clearly witness their musicianship, professionalism, and harmony in their latest single, “Fool’s Gold.”

There’s a nostalgic vibe in “Fool’s Gold,” yet it sounds futuristic. It has a taste of The Eagles but still has its own spirit with the blending sound of Folk, Rock, and Pop. It’s hard not to imagine how it feels to listen to this remarkable track at a live act.

Some acoustic chords open up the song and are joined by some electrifying riffs to set the mood for you. Once the charismatic vocals enter, you’re instantly hooked. Throughout the four-minute tune, the vocals sing smoothly with ease, grabbing your ears and heart’s attention with their raw, velvety tone and passionate performance. The superfine overlapping backing vocals feel as if they’re melting inside each other because of how much they’re rhythmic.

The groovy arrangement is built around the fusion of Americana and Rock flair, being both energetic and cozy. It’s all balanced and well-structured, demonstrating the band’s prowess. The composition works as a bridge between the melodic performance and the realistic, yet poetically written lyricism. As the song conveys, we would go after the wrong things, be misled by our own thoughts, and end up unsatisfied because: 

“There’s always a bigger prize.

Always a better thing.

I got to fill that hole.

Got to grab the ring.”

If you miss the quality music that used to be made yet like the contemporary glimpse, Venice is your way out to a sonic landscape that gathers the best of both worlds.