Liz Dranow Photography

Get your headphones on and get ready as Gary Dranow takes you on a nostalgic journey with his single “Fool Outta Me”

Gary Dranow is an American guitarist, songwriter and vocalist based in Park City, Utah. He returns to the musical scene after a long break that lasted from the late 90’s to 2019 by reforming his band Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions.

As a big rock fan I was amazed right off the bat by Gary’s ability to create a complete rock anthem. He didn’t take inspiration from rock icons but from the entirety of rock history. With groovy guitar riffs, dynamic drum lines, grounding bass, melodic synth layers and energetic vocals “Fool Outta Me” hits very close to the heart because it reminds me of the energetic spirit of 60’s and 70’s rock with sprinkles of 80’s synth rock. Midway through the song Gary sets the bar very high with a perfectly fitted 1 min melodic solo urging the listener to want more. This is followed by a classic key shift that takes the song to a different atmosphere. Rock fans should not miss this sonic experience. It’s a perfectly written and produced trip down memory lane, and if you are not a rock fan here is an absolute showcase of most of rock’s history.