9 O’clock Nasty is a Leicester, UK based rocking trio, they released their latest short-punch in the face- single “Food on the Floor” on the 15th of April 2022 that they described the events that led to its writing as “True story, there was a fight at our friend’s funeral, the table with all the food went flying everywhere. We managed to avoid both fight and food but the sight of elderly relatives filling their plates from the carpet, well it had to be captured forever” 

With pure rock n roll spirit “Food on the Floor” starts. The clean guitar riffs and groovy drums will get you directly in the mood and as you reach the verse, you’ll be hooked already. It’s an energetic and engaging tune that will sound super cool when played live and can easily lure the fans into singing along with its catchy vocal harmonies. “Food on the Floor” is a straightforward rock n roll tune with fluid, dynamic structure showing a lot of character with no showing off or overdoing just 9 O’clock Nasty using their smart songwriting skills and rocking roots.

“Flood on the Floor” is an example of 9 O’clock Nasty’s in your face songwriting, delivering their message loud and clear leaving nothing for interpretation. It’s an enjoyable fun tune with catchy melodies and cool structure that I believe can be easily a fan favorite. Looking forward for more from 9 O’clock Nasty, cheers!