Chris St. John is not only a talented singer/songwriter, but he’s also a loving father who’s decided to dedicate his recent album’s title track, “Fly Away,” to his son who has grown enough to soar on his own.

The heartfelt ballad is relatable to all the parents out there who have to let their children set out and discover the world on their own. I’m not a parent, so I can’t comprehend what it’s like to see your child grow, but Chris St. John crafted a poignant acoustic piece that conveys and helps you experience his feelings.

The single opens with mellow acoustic guitar chords, and the emotional vocals are tender, warm, and filled with love and nostalgia. The poetic lyrics are a message from a caring father to his son to be held in his heart while he’s away, such as:

 “Live your dreams let none take them away. 

You can be anyone when you fly away.”

How the drums kick in when the chorus enters and hits “Fly Away” felt like an energetic cheer to support the sun. All the instruments are working well together to create a soft folk sound and to complement the vocals in portraying the sensations.  The incredible solo part is bright and atmospheric. It’s a very well-composed piece, and the incredible production by Stephen Wrench clarified all the sentiments in the single.

If you don’t know how to explain your feelings to your child, “Fly Away” below may be just what you need.


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