Wuzy Bambussy is a project that saw its members meeting online during the lockdown. And like many great artists of our time, that project was given the chance to implement their full range of creativity and influences together. In the second single “Flux” we get to hear a darkened string arrangement and some ethereal vocals that will take more than just a couple of days to escape your mind.

The song begins with that recurring string melody and follows it with the lo-fi vocals of Kat Harrison accompanied by drums, guitars, and a super groovy bass line. I love how every element of this song complements the other. The way the song is arranged will slightly remind you of early Evanescence songs (even their unreleased stuff and early demos) because of how it feels like it has a slight touch of industrial/electronic goth influence sprayed over it, but the guitars are still its main drive.

As far as the vocals are concerned, Kat does an amazing job of balancing melodic forward placement and some closed vowels that keep the words and their enunciation clear to the listener. If you’re into Ellie Goulding or Bjork then you will most probably love the wailing method of singing that she shows here, especially during the chorus.

The most 2000s element of all though, is the midsection of the song where it breaks down, returns with a slightly different bassline, and the vocals have an effect on them that aims for a bit of a “lo-fi” element once again- an amazing ad climactic moment that made me fall in love with the track more than I already was. I recommend this track to anyone who’s interested in electronic rock with a slight touch of strings and killer vocals.