An organic sound made of Rock, Lo-fi, Garage, and Americana along with energetic riffs, fun performance, and brilliant lyrics, is to be found in Lonnieclaire’s “Flock o’ Fakes.”

Lonnieclaire had their start back in the 90’s, but they know their way around making present-day music with a retro touch. They have a style that can’t be found anywhere else, and there’s no need to as they’re releasing new material, such as their latest single, “Flock o’ Fakes,” and we’re waiting for their upcoming EP.

“Flock o’ Fakes” is a song built around a pleasing atmosphere that puts you in a jumpy mood, but it has a profound message delivered with ease. It has plain songwriting that is efficient enough to deliver the wanted vibe and point.

A dynamic intro opens the song that instantly programs your mind that you’re about to hear nasty, addictive rhythms. There is a musical prowess in this 4-minute single that showcases the band’s experience, professionalism, and light spirit. It’s structured to get you hooked by the guitars and drums’ bursting energy. The solo part conveys the pure Americana spirit of the song.

The vocals have a rich tone and a balance between fun and seriousness. Lyrically, it delivers some valid thoughts through clever narrative, and the vocals manage to discuss these ideas in a sarcastic, light-hearted way.

If you like Lo-Fi music, you’ve found a new song to add to your playlist and a new band to love by listening to “Lonnieclaire.”