An explosive new single from a band of brothers on an upwards spiral of exploring writing hard-hitting hard rock anthems that serves to create a bond between them and their fans, their local radio stations, and to deepen their own bond.

Groundstate, a duo from Cleveland, Ohio, composed of brothers Connor and Aidan Smith, who have been writing songs together since 2014. Floating Away, their latest single, is released in support of their upcoming 3rd studio release. Their sound pays respect to the heaviness of 90s alt-rock with a plethora of tropes, all executed tastefully and with admiration… Think Alice In Chains or Pearl Jam, but with a unique voice that makes Groundstate’s voice one of a kind, and totally rocking riffs and flawless production, courtesy of the talented Jim Wirt, who have previously worked with Incubus and Centershift. 

Floating Away is electrifying. From the very first bars we are hit with a rhythmically disconcerting beat that sounds incredibly fresh and inventive, before the massive guitar, with the massive distortion hits home. The riffs of Floating Away are heavy and sinister, melodic and satisfying. The tone of the guitar is succulent and rich, the bass sounds meaty and boomy, the drums are driving and roomy, all the performances are effortless and the result is a feast of hard rocking riffs that are immediate and effective. The scratched solo takes you by surprise in a cloud of rhythmic haze that ends just as suddenly as it started. 

Groundstate’s latest single sounds organic and fresh, with the band opting to not rely on studio magic to give this song -or the whole album- its richness and rawness, leaving the tones, riffs, and the playing to do the talking instead, and they are indeed loud, and endlessly compelling.