Max Hanuschak

Usually, I am not into indie pop/rock tunes, so when I received ‘Float’ by the New York rock artist, John Joseph, I was just afraid that it’s like many other songs that we listen to recently which are just copy/paste tracks of repetitive melodies and beats. Well, I was mistaken… let’s know why below. 

When you dig deeper into ‘Float’ and its song structure, you can notice that it’s highly dipped in the rock music roots. According to Joseph it’s about the grey area that lives between now and then, and I believe he did it nicely indeed. I believe he was very smart to feature the right musicians for the track including Harry Smith on drums and Gabe Paiano on bass. 

‘Float’ is the debut single by John, and I loved how it includes vintage elements and melodies really, and this is what makes the song so catchy and even after 30 seconds you will start either humming or singing with it. I loved the drums so much it provided a great energy for the track and I loved its retro raw sound so much. Of course, the tight bassline can be heard clearly and you love how it holds the core of the song perfectly. ‘Float’ is one of 10 upcoming tracks that will be a part of John’s debut album, Sunday, set to be released in spring 2023. 

Well, if you are looking for a 10/10 upbeat song, then I highly recommend adding this track to your music library right away. Enjoy!