Clay Fisher

Inspired by the book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach, British rockers DAAY released their latest single “Flight” on the 30th of September, 2022 via Folklore. “Flight” is about thinking big and putting no limits on your goals, or as DAAY described it,

“The song is about aiming to reach higher in life by focusing on what could be rather than what is.”

So, let’s see how it goes,

“Flight” is a pure classic 70s progressive/psychedelic piece from where King Crimson and Genesis came from. It has an old-school sound and production with loads of beautiful melodies and fluid progressions. The guitar tone is extremely interesting as he lays subtle licks and melodies or heavily groovy deep riffs while the bass and drums provide the most perfect groove, and that attractive improvisational section around the 1:50 minutes mark was PRETTY WILD! The vocal melody is one of the most interesting things about “Flight”, his smooth fluid way of laying those well-arranged words in a playful storytelling way that keeps on progressing with the music into a bigger powerful sound. 

“Flight” is one hell of an enjoyable music journey with DAAY, it has beautiful melodies and interesting structure and arrangements that show DAAY’s amazing songwriting skills, it felt like they just sucked me into their world. I’m definitely keeping an eye on DAAY and looking forward to more. Keep on rocking my friends, cheers!