Electric High’s latest cracking single ‘Flicking The Bees’ is a deceptively intricate piece of rock’n’roll that displays musicianship, taste, and a distinctive affinity for rocking out.

Based in Bergen, Norway, Electric High is a five-piece rock outfit that specializes in their own brand of electrified rock’n’roll that straddles the border between alternative and heavy rock. Their latest offering, the behemoth ‘Flicking The Bees’ is the result of a usual collaboration between PV Staff and Marius Mørch, the band’s main songwriting team. The idea? A steamroller that easily contrasts the band’s usual upbeat rock sound. The result? Just that.

‘Flicking The Bees’ is noisy, loud, and charismatic, an all-around true rock affair. From the song’s distorted riffs, gargantuan bass tones and pounding riffs and group chants, the song’s entire air is that of pure and classic rock goodness. With the song’s ever-building momentum, the piece starts relatively restrained and controlled, and then proceeds to spiral more and more into a deliciously calculated chaos, using the song’s catchy vocal ah-ah-ahs motif. A wonderfully quirky guitar solo flirts extensively with buzzing dissonance, further proving the band’s point of intentionally straying away from reason. The song’s 2-minute outro that consistently builds upwards in heaviness in the final nail in the coffin of the song’s sanity. Wonderful chaos!

If you’re into it, you’re really into it. ‘Flicking The Bees’ drips with charisma and character. a colorful piece of controlled rock madness that does an incredibly good job at appearing out of control while the band are keeping it at a tight leash. Musical, fun, weird, and different.