Seattle-based band Space Owl graces the world with their latest musical journey “Flask”, an epic adventure filled to the brim with melodies and uplifting sensations that will take your hand and embark on an absolutely epic trail with mountains, valleys, and everything in between. 

Space Owl’s heart and soul are Ari Joshua, the frontman on guitar and joined by John Ewing (drums), Bob Lovelace (bass), and David Appelbaum (keyboards). 

Ari has already given the world more than 50 songs across the last few years…and “Flask” could be an excellent entry point to Space Owl’s extensive musical catalog.

Space Owl’s “Flask” is filled with many excellent melodies, phrases, and beats…it’s soul shares the same greatness of Frank Zappa’s, it’s a time signatures-galore that takes you from one musical moment to the next while giving you instant mood changes…the spirit of the 80s rock lives strong within the musicality of “Flask” and that of Space Owl of course.

“Flask” has an instantly iconic presence and musical charisma…it starts on a pretty powerful note, and then takes us through many phases and mood changes…from the epic sounds of the guitar to the minimal and tasteful moments of the piano singing alone…even if for a few seconds, but this is an example of the musical pivots that Space Owl does masterfully to guide the audience through his perfectly crafted adventure. 

“Flask” is pure musical bliss that only lasts for 6 minutes and 33 seconds, full of twists and turns…from the rock of the 80s, to the timeless reggae beats, to ballad…and many more catchy melodies with changing time signatures…” Flask” is a must-hear experience. 

We wish an excellent new year to Space Owl and we can’t wait until the next musical epic they release.