Teenager group Culture Shock! Present us with their first serious single release, and it is oozing with potential.

Hailing from Cape Coral, Florida, Culture Shock! is a three-piece alternative rock outfit whose filtered and aggressive sound will hit a soft spot with the fans of 90s Grunge and Nu Metal music. 

The densely compressed sound of Flashflood, the title of their latest single, is crushing and oppressive, the riffs are distorted and sharp-edged, and along with the sleek and sleazy vocals from bassist and frontman Ben Archer that are effortless and with a could-not-care-less attitude, the resulting sound is confident, groovy, metallic, and distinctive. 

The trio’s sound is positively massive, and where they clearly excel is in their restraint and sensibility; a song with as much rhythmic space as Flashflood and with a trio of teens on distorted guitars, things could go very wrong, but they swiftly evade all traps, apart from a deliciously noisy and memorable guitar solo. A sizzling hot cut of an out-of-circulation sound that’s brought back to life, all thanks to Culture Shock!

Flashflood will easily find an audience of people who appreciate lighter metal and/or heavier rock that sits on the fringes of what’s expected. Culture Shock! display impressive maturity in their economy with their sound, in turn showing massive potential for growth.