Nick Codina

Today I’ll be reviewing Nerd Salad’s new single, “Flake”. Nerd Salad are a multi-genre band from Brooklyn comprising Sean Lippin and Nick Cerbone as Guitarists and Vocalists, Frankie Ciciarello on Bass and John Marc Degaard on drums. This new single is from Nerd Salad’s debut LP “Press Start”.

The beat is super calming at first, with warm guitars and simple drum beats, though starting in the middle it just becomes a pleasant amalgamation of all their instruments with the tempo speeding up drastically. Though I never heard anything like it, it’s definitely something new and fresh! The song calms down again, and Lippin and Cerbone’s guitars take over again with a groovy tone. Though the song has no lyrics, it spoke louder than words could. 

All in all, I am not surprised that Nerd Salad has garnered more than 3000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone! Though not an avid listener of their genre, I deeply liked this track and it definitely made me excited to listen to the whole LP.