Spawning from the depths of the human psyche, the Brighton based trio ‘No See Ums‘ released their single “Flags”, w brilliant genre bending experience…

No See Ums‘ are fronted by seminal guitarist and lyricist Phil Johnstone of the infamous psych-prog-rock band The Qwarks.

Phil is joined with the power of bass with Jax Burley of notorious Queer Punk band Daffodildos and the timekeeper, drummer extraordinaire Nick Flowers also of The Qwarks. 

“Flags” goes back to the roots of the band in the realms of Punk and Garage Rock…”Flags” oozes raw emotions, power and sound…all of which instantly connects to audiences on so many levels…

No See Ums‘ also waves their creatively magical wand when writing their lyrics…they go deep and delve into the world of scandal, degeneration and dark comedy…all wrapped in their unique POV as a social commentary.

The guitar riffs and sound exudes musical charisma…while the bass adds a layer of musicality and groove done in such a masterful way…and the drums, oh boy, the power and passion its played with comes so clearly through any set of speakers, hitting you with a wave of energy like nothing else…and also, the drums arrangement is pretty creative.

“Flags” is one hell of a ride through music and through the human condition…and its not an experience to miss at all costs.

Wishing all the best to the brilliant trio from ‘See No Ums‘.