Quickly becoming consistent sellouts in Ireland, Fizzy Orange has brought crowds to esteemed venues and festivals across the UK and their home country,  including a recent London headliner at Two Palms, Hackney. Their independent releases bring together pure nostalgia thanks to analogue-only processes, with the six-piece positioning themselves as rising stars for the modern era despite their retro influence.

Their latest release has arrived as debut EP ‘Fizzy Orange in Mono’, featuring six tracks of warmth and joyful performance. Balancing energetic musicianship with an ability to capture a range of more vintage sensibilities, they blend genres with songwriting elegance and modern flair. Whether taking on a high-octane, quirky anthem, as they do on ‘CHOO CHOO’ or a track rooted in subdued vocals and bluesy piano in ‘It Hurts Me Too’, they are masters of transporting listeners to a realm of wistfulness, and becoming an excitingly unique outfit headed into the rest of 2024.

The group explains the release, “We love all things simple, self aware and slightly 60’s.

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors between an independent band that are self-releasing and reaching people. A lot of slow process’ and time commitments. Without any external helping hands or deep pockets to push things forward our best practice has always been DIY.

For our debut EP we decided to commit to a couple of classic techniques in writing and recording. We went down the country for a writing session in co. Leitrim and then straight back to Sonic Studio’s in Dublin. We worked with engineer Iain Faulkner who convinced us to commit everything to MONO. We were sold on just committing an entire recording session to the classic direct sound, most of our references were Beatles/Beach Boys anyway. We used all outboard analog gear, did reference mixing on the studio desk and just committed from the get go. No going back now! It was co-mixed and mastered by Karl Barnes (Loom Sound Studios).

It doesn’t always work, when recording fast and often on listening back you can become very critical of yourself. But when you look around and your bandmates are the same people from school days spent jamming in a shed in 2016 it’s easier to convince each other to keep on keeping on. We still get back to that shed now and have conjured up our best tunes. Maybe something in the walls, the smiles or the faces wearing them.

Fizzy Orange In Mono is an ode to DIY Dublin City Soul music!”

Plus Music PR