Fantastical character and artist Priz Em might be coming from a fictional world…but her music, lyrics and sonic journeys are way too real…the emotional effect her music creates unto the audiences’ hearts and souls is palpable…but who’s behind the Priz Em musical enigma?

We hope that her latest single “First Kiss” will shine a light on this musical puzzle…let’s dig deep!

Bringing Priz Em to life are Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson of SA TrackWorks as the project’s visionary producers and musicians — with her vocals performed by Kat…

Priz Em is the heroine of a sci-fi tale of intergalactic warfare and romance, she appears in the graphic novels of Mega Centarri Vol I & II.

As you’ll see when you check Priz Em’s Spotify page, you’ll see a picture of a fictional fantastical character…this is Priz Em…but the sound and soul behind her creation are the above-mentioned awesome musicians…

“First Kiss” is a very musical rock-pop experience that has some elements that took me to the rock sound of the 80s…the vocal delivery and vocal intonation induced some super cool 80s vibes within me.

The drums beat and fill along with the guitar riffs are super cool, super tight and just feels explosively enjoyable and upbeat.

“First Kiss” tells the story of love and perseverance under pressure…and how relationships are always faced with huge life challenges…that’s just part of the human experience.

Wishing all the best to the musical minds and the voice behind Priz Em…and we can’t wait to hear what these great minds cook next for the world.