First Day Of Spring flourishes with originality, their raw sound and post-punk history now being taken to a more expressive, melancholy sound. Featured across tastemaker press and radio, the London band are currently teasing their second EP.

‘You’re Blue, I’m Blue’ is the latest single from First Day Of Spring, a track that sees the band instantly make their presence known with melodic electric guitar lines among a sea of powerful drums and distortion. As the first verse appears, listeners are invited into a realm of optimistic melancholy, the chords gently moving forward with subtle rawness beneath the fragile brightness of the vocal. The chorus blends the ethereality with the grit, the vocals re-emerging almost covered by a wall of grungey guitar tones and deep bass plods. As the sun sets on the arrangement, it only gathers more power, the climax growing and growing until the final moments.

”You’re Blue I’m Blue is predominantly about tribes and ultimately the ability for those tribes to co-exist harmoniously and be among each other in the present. The partnership vocally with dear friend and vocal lead Mariah Maines has been a key part of the evolution of the song re-imagination. We wanted to make an unapologetic alt song heavily guitar-based plug in and go. Like the pixies or something.” 

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