Artist Radio Vision released today a hot and gravitating alternative rock song called ‘First Contact,’ that has a special sultry effect and a nonchalant storytelling method that is completely attractive. Based in Petoskey, US, Benjamin Stephenson started this solo band on his own after disbanding his psychedelic rock band The Shook. 

The overall sound of the song is a very cool and collected chaos kind of masterpiece song. With a soft, alternative rock soundscape that is a little ditty and grungy, you’ve got a great mix. The musical arrangement is wonderful, with a distorted, sexy bassline, melodic electric guitar that is smooth and deep, and at some point the guitar strumming just rings around the beat, dangling like little bats. You also have some electronic falling and spiraling sound effects, a rock drum set, and the sound seems to be muffled and far sounding vocals. With this smudgy music effect, all you can envision are some smokey black eyes with a sultry mood and look. There are also some trickling sounds at the back of the track. This song is really good for some chill winter mornings or nights.