Smash hit songwriter Tom Tikka returns with his capable outfit, The Missing Hubcaps, for another pop rock stunner right in the tails of ‘Something New’. ‘Fire and Ice’ is a warm and soft-hearted single that drips with a positive, bittersweet energy that keeps us heavy on that replay button.

Based in the Finnish capital Helsinki, Tom Tikka is primarily a songwriter who is responsible for a number of top 10s. Best known for his work with Carmen Gray, the former Sony/BMG signed songwriter returns with ‘Fire and Ice’. A song about a brotherly adventure on top of a pirate ship that’s actually a bunk bed, ‘Fire and Ice’ is a sweet song about the lush imagination of kids, and with an equally sweet composition, and a warm arrangement that makes use of an encouraging choir-sung melody, the song ends up feeling quite uplifting. 

Written by Tom Tikka and his former band mate Antti Autio, and produced by Tikka and Jane Saksa, the song comes with immediately catchy melodies and an immersive atmosphere that will get you right there on that mattress with the pirate brothers. A beautifully imagined piece of heartwarming music from a reliable source of lovingly crafted tunes, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps.