The world is moving faster day after day, making us feel that we have to run all the time to catch up. In this insane race, our minds run faster with tons of questions about everything around us and inside us. We’re running, but where to? In his latest single, “Finish Line,” Matt Bednarsky gathered all the possible questions and provoked us to think along.

“Finish Line” messes with your head, tangles your thoughts, then lines them into the depth of the right destination and the path that leads to it. The lyrics are full of questions, each of which needs really deep thinking to reach an answer, and for the big question circling them all: “Where’s our finish line?” It’s incredibly touching and highly relevant! One of the things that makes me bond with a song is when I feel like, “Wow, it feels like I’m the one who wrote these lyrics!” And that’s what I felt. 

The passionate, sincere vocals and the way it wonders with a soft, yet powerful tone give the impression that Matt is unsure and has a mind full of questions, but he somehow got the most important answer. The pop/rock style suits the track best. The instrumental is giving the message its space to echo, yet it’s complementing the general atmosphere and aligning well with the vocals. The straightforward drums, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, and keys are all superb and in the right place. How Matt sings the word “line” differently is notable, and how he and the background music just sing it together is remarkable.

It’s hard to believe that someone has lived on earth long enough and doesn’t overthink some questions that he doesn’t know if there’s an actual answer to them. That’s why “Finish Line” is a song that everyone should listen to.

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