“Find My Way Home” is the new rock single from the USA-based Rich Kid Released on 1/26/24 it’s a heartfelt and positive message about “coming home” and finding happiness in life’s struggles.

“Find My Way Home” features some huge, epic and anthemic chorus harmonies with a laid-back atmosphere, reminiscent of classic hard rock. 

Made on an epic scale, “Find My Way Home” is one of the songs that fits perfectly in an arena with at least 50,000 people chanting and screaming their lungs out singing to it…from the song’s intro to the verses to the epic chorus…the song is catchy from the get-go.

Excellent instrumentation, great composition, and a vocal performance that reminds me of the classic rock songs…super melodic with a unique and gritty delivery…perfection in a song.

The glam rock-inspired b-side, “Moneyman,” is reminiscent of early Aerosmith, KISS, and T-Rex. RKE is working on a follow-up to last year’s EP, “Under The Purple Lights.”

Wishing all the best to the brilliant Rich Kid Express…looking forward to hearing more from the group.