Had it not been for the electric thrust of the guitar in the background and vocals so loud I’d say it’s a serious pop song, that’s what Boston, USA alternative rock band Indoor Friends do well and feature in their single “Finally Enough”.

Indoor Friends play different genres of Alt Rock, Garage Rock, and Punk Rock but with their creativity, they can compose music that blurs the lines between a wide range of influences with poetic and poignant lyrics.

“Finally Enough” is a cry that was formed from the beginning to announce the end of a relationship between two people. Relationships form our vision and appreciation for ourselves, and with their differences, we change with them. The good ones make us feel that we are priceless, and the bad ones make us feel that we must dispense with them so that we do not lose ourselves, in this case. When the partner comes back to try again, he will find someone stronger and more determined to live a healthy life. This song sums up the meaning of how to grow and mature as an experienced person.

“Finally Enough” is composed and sung by Krista Marie Setera with a voice that carries a lot of confidence, challenge, recognition, and confrontation. After getting rid of the wrong person, Setera can be considered to be throwing out all the pain with every guitar stroke inspired by that feeling and shouting out the song “Finally Enough” that I deserve better.

This violent wave of emotions leaves an astonishing effect because of its witty tones, the devastating rhythm of drums, and the angry sound of guitars, it is dominated by the strength that you feel with every passing second of its life, to feel like a personal experience that you know someone who has gone through.

Indoor Friends, made up of 5 elements, burns olive branches and roses and may melt poisoned chocolate made by the wrong partner at Finally Enough, creating a world led by a warrior bent on killing the past and painful memories. So listen to it and taste the pain to gain a new life.