Kyle Neach

A humble young artist had been making music on the earth for quite a while now with some melodious indie rock music from “Paul Vinson” and his honest and smooth vocals synced perfectly with the melodic notes used. A new single released 26th of August, 2022 is an incredibly unique track “Final Show” that is given a wonderful tingly feeling that tags along with the guitar playing.

The music starts with a musical and slow rhythmic beat that slowly goes up with the lyrical story that Paul sings throughout the song, it’s a song that you can tap your feet into while listening to it. Having an imaginative mind this song will give you beautiful scenery with your loved one and your past crazy self or maybe think of being gentle to them with soft laughter remembering silly things.

“Final Show” is all about making it in this world with all you got like there is no tomorrow with your lively and fun soul, Paul has demonstrated a really loving feeling in his soft vocals that purely connect his soulful words to his audience.

Paul Vinson is a new singer that is added to my playlist and will be known rapidly in his music career, He thrives to make catchy songs that will flow through your mind and body.