Bravery is often defined as standing still and being strong no matter what. But we’re humans, we’re allowed to fall, to be vulnerable, and our strength will emerge if we accept our flaws. Tasmin Rhea highlights that humane concept in her latest single, “Fight on.”

It’s not easy to change a perspective that is entrenched inside us and everywhere outside us too. But we can’t wait for different results while going with the same method repeatedly. “Fight on” is an inspirational single that tells us to accept ourselves exactly how we are and to embrace our weaknesses before our strengths, which is how we could “Fight on.” The lyrics touch the core of the inner child inside you, conveying the message that needs to be ignited from the roots. “Brave is to cry, but still fight on. Fight on little one “is what made me feel that it’s addressed to the child inside us that needs to hear that it’s okay to let the guard down for a bit and then be a hero. That’s why I admire the idea of the cover, where Tasmin used a photo of little her.

The single opens with Tasmin’s silky, soothing voice, which has a sincere and urging tone that makes you believe in her message. The ballad style with the layered instruments gives a warm sensation. The light piano notes align with the vocals perfectly. And once more instruments join in, the single sparks more and stirs the emotions, as the electric guitar and the drum beat solo make it vivid.

“It’s not the size of strength, but the strength of heart.” You got to believe this and fight on.

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