Drawing inspiration from bands like Blur, Radiohead, and Grizzly Bear and making a blend of the late 80’s and early 90’s pop-rock, shoegaze, and dream pop. That’s Emblematics‘ potion of making their own sound and a song that is both nostalgic and modern, which is their latest release, “Festival Door.”

Emblematics is a Canadian indie band of four musicians who formed it back in college as an educational distraction, and then it became a full-blown musical experiment. “Festival Door” is the first single from their EP, Navigation, which will be released on April 22nd. The single has a hypnotic rock beat, and the circling electro guitars with the gentle keyboard notes and upbeat drums give dreamy vibes. The beauty of the song is that it goes with the mood you lean towards. If you’re searching for a fast-tempo vivid beat, that’s your song, and if you’re feeling you’re in a hopeless romantic mood, then that’s also your song. The rhythms make you unconsciously swing, yet the lyrics tell the story of chasing someone that probably won’t be caught. With velvety, soothing, and emotive vocals singing in the chorus, “Will you follow me? Or will you let me go down? Don’t let me go down. ” It’s just the perfect, balanced mix!

“Festival Door” is like a festival that gathers all kinds of games, shows, and colors everywhere, as it suits everyone, and you’ll definitely find something that makes you stick around. genre fusion, appealing arrangement, touching lyrics, and passionate vocals.