The Canadian artist, Chris Caulfield, perfectly embodied the times when we don’t feel a thing, in his latest single “Feelings.”

Chris Caulfield has a story to tell, and he isn’t telling it in an ordinary way. He has a distinct sound that comes from blending genres like rock, emo, and hip-hop to make a captivating melody to tell his story. “Feelings” mainly captures the period when one is numb and can’t feel anything, as if the mind has shut down and can’t process emotions. The lyrics are quite expressive for anyone who has been there and informative for those who have never understood what it’s like to feel this way.

Chris’s haunting, soulful, and dynamic vocals are varied, which helps to deliver the story to one’s core. He can hit any note he wants, be gentle and wild, have a rocky tone and a grungy tone, and overall, convey the agony that lies in the lyrics. Despite how melancholic the lyrics and performance are, one can’t help but vibe in with the groovy melody. The track kicks off with a light, soothing acoustic guitar, and the instrumentals maintains the serene ambiance till the end, creating a pleasing, satisfying balance between the rhythms and the vocals.

“Feelings” introduces us to a unique talent who knows his way around creating evocative, heartfelt pieces that target one’s darkest, most intimate spots of mind. If you ever feel like your head is underwater, but you don’t feel like drowning, then “Feelings” is here to share your feelingless phase.

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