EL Putnam

With his debut record “If Not Now, When?” Set to release in March 2023, Irish singer/songwriter Sano Hill keeps on teasing it with his 5th single “Feel Love” that’ll be out December 2nd. “Feel Love” is another captivating tune by Sano Hill, with his significant heart-hitting beautiful vocals, tight writing and on-point, from the heart humanely subjects that he described as a deep expression of the power of love within us all to overcome whatever challenges life brings”. So, let me tell you more about it.

Sano Hill lays some chilling melodies on “Feel Love”. He’s flexing his writing skills with bluesy subtle guitars, sweet keyboards, and laid-back groovy bass, all topped by his expressive emotional vocals that goes in perfect harmony with this setup. As heard on his previous releases, Sano Hill keeps on with the tradition of perfectly managing multi-layered tunes, with each played note and added layer directly contributing to the song’s mood and progression, no fillers. “Feel Love” shows Sano Hill’s total understanding of the instruments he is using, and this is clearly shown on his writing patterns and arrangements, with licks and melodies played at the perfect timing delivering the needed mood, all in hand with vocal melodies and harmonies setting the soundscape. All this led to a highly fluid, organic structure that smoothly carries you throughout this lovely sound trip with a drink in your hand, chilling after a long day.

“Feel Love” shows Sano Hill’s solid blues and classic rock roots, he keeps on organically pushing his sound boundaries forward, with a relentlessly progressing soft sound carrying loads of smoothly transferred emotions. I’m definitely looking forward to his debut record, can’t wait to see where he’ll take us next. Cheers!

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