Melissa Nannen

In a world where we are all controlled by the urge of social media sharing and surrounded by -mostly stupid- loads of views and opinions, The Margaret Hooligans unleashed a loud and clear scream against all that on their latest single “Feedback”. With rocking riffs, powerful vocals, and banging drumlines, they managed to deliver their message with the perfect energy, let’s take a closer look.

“Feedback” kicks in with an energetic groovy riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song, it has a sense of intensity that keeps on growing as we move forward. The verse’s pounding persistent drumming and strong expressive vocals will simply get you on the edge of your seat as they keep on building up for the chorus and on till it explodes around the 01:50 minute mark into a jump-around irresistible groove fest. The dynamic ever-changing structure The Margaret Hooligans managed to put together created a catchy engaging tune with lots of cool riffs and a super enjoyable drumline all with an easy-going fun attitude.

I believe “Feedback” is a cool introduction into The Margaret Hooligans‘ world, it shows their cool attitude and unique sense of songwriting with a well-thought structure and good command of their instruments. I’ll be marking my calendar on October 21st for their upcoming full-length “Turntable Tribulations”, cheers!