The latest single from the Philadelphia-based band, GREAT TIME, is a cover of their main influence and favourite band. The track Feather was originally released by the Swedish band Little Dragon over a decade ago. In the cover version by GREAT TIME, we can hear the elements that made them fall in love with music and decide to play synth-driven tracks such as this one. The song begins with a short synth intro that makes you think you’re in a spacecraft that’s about to take off to space, then it’s shortly followed by a bassline aided by some drum fills and some cool refraining sounds from the synths/keyboards. The arrangement itself makes you think of the 80s or 2000s alternative once you hear it, especially because of the electronic elements. On the other hand, the rawness and clarity of the live recording take me back to the way rock bands used to play in the 70s. The vocals have some kind of pedal/effect placed on them to immerse them in the supersonic and electrically-charged mood of the song. The drummer and bassist have impeccable chemistry considering this is a live recording, and that can be seen in the live recording as well. In the climax of the song near the end, the vocalist flaunts her belting ability with a graceful high note and then the musicians beautifully close the track. It left me wanting to listen to more GREAT TIME and maybe pick up the whole “Live In Philadelphia” live show. I recommend this song if you want a band that seamlessly blends elements from 70s rock, 80s rock and electronic music all with a modern flare.