Anna Guerrero

The world is full of choices and unlimited possibilities, and we have to pick up what we want from it to go as we want. This is what Welsh Avenue encourages with his new single “Feather in My Hat”.

Mark DiLillo, the musical brain of the Welsh Avenue project, tells us in his song that while we are the same and the world around us gives us so much, we shouldn’t think we’re in control, because none of us can control everything, and that certainly leads us to get angry at times, but in return, we can control things. certain.

“Feather in My Hat” is a soothing song that combines indie pop and rock to get loud in some areas and gets your foot tapping to the beat from the very first moment when it meets the captivating notes of the piano keys.

The melody and the singing fill your senses and let you know anything is possible. It is a wonderful arrangement with a subtle, dreamy softness that inhabits your mind and draws you to the amazing optimistic possibilities in the world, and shows us how to react to everything in life.

When the pressure drops on the piano for a lighter touch, the guitars sound, you sing along to Welsh Avenue and feel the comfort of its performance, and the lyrics are stringy in thought that leads you to understand that you can control certain aspects of life.

Welsh Avenue pushes your mind through “Feather in My Hat” to think about what the world has to offer, and feel the music flow into your soul. So sit back and give in to it and enjoy what Mark DiLillo has to say.


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