Not everyone is religious or spiritual, and this is something personal and left to one’s convictions. But the thing is, not believing in a bigger power puts one in a much weaker position because we’re all limited. As humans, we wonder and have questions popping in our minds most of the time. We fear, we doubt, and we get knocked down. It’s merely a part of who we are. How do we get answers or reassurance? This is what the innovative single “Father, Oh Father” by Meghan Pulles tells us.

“Father, Oh Father” is part of Nashville-based indie-Americana singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles’s fresh album, “Ear Baby.” The song showcases her introspective lyricism and her wildness in blending genres. One will be drawn to a celestial realm where it’s raining bittersweet thoughts, complex emotions, and outstanding musicality.

From intro to outro, the song sets such a majestic atmosphere. All of the components work well together to convey the feeling of lying down melancholy in the dark, yet deep down you know that the darkness will be cleared with mighty light. 

Meghan Pulles has powerful vocals and a splendid ability to translate what’s on her mind and heart into lyrics. She’s got a lot up her sleeves, and she knows how to utilise each piece of it. Her soaring vocal line sounds like she’s praying with both desperation and hope, and the profound harmonies exquisitely back up this sense. The writing is genuine and expressive; it depicts the inner struggle and yet the yearning for a rescue.

The tense soundscape is ethereal enough to give one a cleansing, healing sensation in their depths. The electronic elements spiced the ambiance, while the genre fusion offered solid sensitivity. The melodies resonate and yet give the vocal its space to stand out. The dense solo part is catchy and adds intensity to the output. All are tight together with a proficient production that made the track sound like an ethereal journey.

There is a lot to take in. So mentally prepare yourself and enjoy diving in!