Alexa Lash’s latest release is a sparkling hit of Americana, pop, rock, and folk. Deeply poignant, both lyrically and musically, ‘Fate’ is a beautiful sounding song that I believe will easily have massive appeal with a rather varied group.

Based in Miami, Florida, Alexa Nash is a singer and songwriter who comes across with a rather distinctive vocal character on a superbly written new single, titled ‘Fate’. Immersive, pounding grooves, touching, emotive chord sequences, rich, thoughtful lyrics, in the midst of a lush instrumental palette, ‘Fate’ is a mature song that sounds exceptionally so.

 The songwriting and arrangement that blend Lash’s Americana roots with a colorful strain of pop rock, a la No Doubt, is a fitting stage for her impassioned, acrobatic croons and big topics. Alexa’s vocals are accompanied by the classic three of rock and pop, drums, bass, and guitars. A genuinely warm sound mastered by Zach Ziskin, who has also collaborated with Alexa Lash on all her other songs on her upcoming EP, from which ‘Fate’ is taken. A match made in heaven, the roomy sound of the mix, with the punchy snare, throbbing bass, and glistening acoustic strums, all ensure that ‘Fate’ sounds just wonderfully warm. A captivating sound for sure.

Alexa Lash’s music is fiercely distinctive. Starting with her unique, snaky vocal abilities, never reaching impossibly high registers, but remaining intensely charismatic nonetheless, and ending with her skill for writing inquisitive, emotive songs, Alexa Lash’s last single is an easy stunner.