Melissa Nannen

Being a sloppy drummer can work to great effects with the right vibe and bandmates. The Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania- based ‘The Margaret Hooligans’ are here to present us with a release that oozes confidence that’s nothing short of electrifying.

What would you do when you have a drummer with an… eccentric time feel? Wrong. You put them in the absolute forefront, to the point where you build the whole song around them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the drummer is bad and I’m not attacking the performance. In fact, I believe it’s what makes this whole song (and not because it’s basically drums and voice). The swagger and the rhythmic turbulence create an intoxicating atmosphere that plays very well with the hectic nature of the words and singing style and timbre. a very directly brash and confrontational approach on everything here, and I love it.

A very haphazard song, whose lack of balance is exactly why it’s so energizing and unique. The confidence of the artists here directly translates and shows. Of course I won’t claim it’s a song for anyone. The opposite might, in fact, be the truth. Most people would probably walk right by. But if you’re patient enough to give it a chance (Ok, maybe a couple) you will find an intoxicatingly unique song that’s utterly drenched in character.