Following up on the release of his debut single Stretch Out Your Hand, the California-based solo project The Sound of Mountains dropped his second single Familiar Locations on the 17th of November 2023. Being the brainchild of artist Christopher Morin, The Sound of Mountains mixes his influences in Familiar Locations into something his very own. Let me tell you more about it.

The Sound of Mountains embarks on a psychedelic journey with deep bittersweet emotional vibes right from the opening of Familiar Locations. It has bluesy fluid melodies that are brilliantly put together in a unified, unstoppable flow, moving forward in a subtle seamless progression that pushes toward a bigger, more open touching sound. Familiar Locations layering and arrangement are really impressive, creating a mesmerizing wall of sound that consumes the listeners and keeps them hooked and entertained as they move throughout its dynamically escalating structure. It puts you in a chill mood with a fading dark vibe deep beneath its layers, all within a dreamy floating setup.

Familiar Locations is a solid piece by The Sound of Mountains, showing off his detailed writing style and melodic sense that allowed him to steer cleverly through the song’s twists and turns without losing their fluidity or mood. Looking forward to more from The Sound of Mountains, keep on rocking. Cheers!