Hailing from Brooklyn, indie rock band Stutterboy has been making waves in the music scene. Their latest single “False Dam” is the third release of the year and of their upcoming album, giving their fans a glimpse of what to expect.

“False Dam” opens with a haunting guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track with a droning synth that adds an extra layer of depth, filling the atmosphere with a dark ambiance. The hard-hitting drums and grounding bass line complement the guitar and synth, while keeping everything intact. The vocals are swimming and swerving within the song, giving it a psychedelic effect. The chorus is addictive and grows on you as the last chorus comes in, I guarantee you will sing along to it.

“False Dam” is a strong addition to Stutterboy’s discography, and fans of the band and the genre will not be disappointed. The single showcases the band’s ability to experiment with different sounds and themes while maintaining their signature style. Don’t miss the chance to check out “False Dam”, and stay tuned for their upcoming album.