Austrian rockers Lost in Majority were always driven by creating meaningful and powerful music with a strong message. After releasing their self-titled debut EP in 2005, Lost in Majority released “Falling to Ashes” in 2018 and “The Age of Lies” in 2020 with lyrics tackling social, political, and environmental issues. On the 22nd of April 2022, they dropped a new version of their song “Falling to Ashes” reminding us of climate change and how bad is it going with re-written parts and new mixing and mastering so, let’s see how they did it. 

“Falling to Ashes (1 to 12 Edit)” opens dramatically with a ticking clock, intense piano, and heavily distorted chords that’ll put you on the edge of your seat.  The verse is filled with anticipation and threatening dark melodies mixed with the expressive vocal melody that I think -from my humble POV- might have benefited from being more aggressive at some parts to shake the dynamics a little. The chorus is catchy and has a smooth escalation and groove that’ll keep you alert and after a couple of plays, you’ll find yourself humming it all the time. Now you have to brace yourself for what is going to happen when the 2nd chorus hits you coz this is where it turns into an epic dramatic piece. Vocalist Gerald sounds like he is giving it all that he’s got in this 2nd chorus before that epic melodic solo comes in putting the song on a whole new level, especially with those well-written and produced background orchestrations, really cool move.

“Falling to Ashes (1 to 12 Edit)” is a dramatic twist of the original song that shows the band’s progress, they made it more epic and gave it a deeper and bigger sound, maybe this is a sneak peek of their upcoming sound? Hope we get to know this soon. Looking forward for more, Cheers guys!