The latest single from LA-based Alt. Rock band Centershift is entitled “Falling Into”, and it is a modern-rock masterpiece. The moment I heard the opening chord progression, it reminded me of why I just fell in love with every 2000s band that played in this particular subgenre. The guitars are heavily distorted and pack an emotional gut punch that will remind you of Breaking Benjamin and Evanescence. The vocals are beautifully soaring during the verses which only have guitar harmonics, and this particular choice is the most 2000s thing about the song. But what I loved the most was how the vocals are purely clean, without a hint of distortion, and have great intonation and clarity. It’s a beautiful contradiction with the heaviness of the instruments, especially the bass which has a thick rich tone, and the drums which are hard-hitting and impactful without being chaotic. This band has some of the best chemistry that I’ve ever witnessed, judging by the accompanying music video to this single and how it shows every member’s devotion and dedication to their respective part. This footage of them rocking their hearts out made me wish I could attend their show so much. This single is a part of the band’s debut record, “A Different Shade Of Color”, which brings together the songs released on their previous 2 EPs and a bunch of new songs to mark their first full-length offering. And I kid you not, this single and its accompanying video are just a small taste of what that dense record is like. It’s been a long time since an Alternative Rock band has infiltrated the mainstream charts with such an emotional and relatable song, and it feels like Centershift have just hit that particular jackpot with their single “Falling Into”.

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