As their debut record A Different Shade Of Color hit the stores and streaming platforms on the 11th of November 2022 via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment, the LA-based alternative rockers Centershift gave us the chance to dig deeper into another cool hit of theirs. Falling Into was released as a live video on Youtube that shows those guy’s true energy and attitude, but let me tell you first about its sound.

Falling Into opens with a super energetic and extremely melodic riff that instantly gets you into it. Keeping up with the song’s melodic sound comes the verse, with a warm vocal melody and on-point harmonies that carries the listener slowly to a catchy hooking chorus that slips into the back of your mind and will stay there for a while. Centershif’s solid melodic writing created a unified flow of unstoppable streaming melodies, all this was successfully provided within an engaging dynamic structure that kept on pushing the song into a bigger and catchier sound as it progresses. 

Centershift is one of those bands that acts and sounds like an unbreakable, unstoppable unit. Their chemistry appears clearly in their sound and energy, and that was strongly reflected on Falling Into’s writing and arrangement. It shows those guys dedication and well knowledge of their sound, as well as their strong writing skills and good command of their instruments. I’m always looking forward to more from Centershift, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!