Australia-based songwriter, Christine Tarquinio, releases her latest new Pop/Rock meets Indie/Pop single ‘Falling Free’.

Providing a slow tempo tune, Lo-Fi sound, and beautifully light and gentle vocals, ‘Falling Free’ mellows down any tough day with lyrics that can relate to anyone who has had it tough lately, and just wants some peace.

“I wrote this song just with an acoustic guitar and it was very introspective as we were in one of our many lockdowns. I wanted to express how I was feeling at the time.” –Christine says.

Falling in the lines of Natalie Imbruglia and Gwen Stefani, Christine’s style is an ethereal, delicate genre of her own.

Having released her first single, ‘Didn’t Even Try’ in 2014, and now with seven singles and an EP under her belt, Christine has spent years exploring the unlimited possibilities of her creativity and the freedom potential of her music, both as a solo act and in collaboration with other artists.

Tackling the challenges of raising a family, creating her music, and working a corporate day job, Christine’s husband of 20 years, she says is the secret to her success in music to date, noting that his support has allowed her the freedom and time to explore what’s possible.

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