Falling is the latest single from Sheffield-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer Ruiz!. The first thing I could notice is how his voice is so aesthetically-pleasing to the goth-liking ears. Tons of goth elements fill this track as well as electronica, darkwave, synthpop, and just plain rock instruments in the middle of it all.

Strong lyrics stud this track from start to end as if it’s a spike-studded leather jacket from the 80s in the middle of a goth/industrial club, and while the similarities to other artists are undeniable, this track felt like one of the most original things I’ve heard from music in this year in general. The repeating statement “Just about fate” and the occasional talkbox that we can hear on this track are both so strong and made me feel like I wanna get up and dance, but in the middle of a dystopian wasteland.

The icing on the cake that this track is, doesn’t at all take away from the cake itself. While Mr. Ruiz! Could’ve taken the easy route of making a bland track with some run-of-the-mill tropes of the genre, he gave us all of his influences and successfully managed to put us in this state of confusion and resentment towards the world after covid. Pretty sure this track will be a cult hit that many clubs will play and multiple music platforms will slip into their playlists of synthpop songs that get you moving and remind you of the golden era of the genre.