This album, was by far one of the craziest I’ve ever listened to.

Fallen Asunder by Fallen Asunder – what a weird name? – is a due band by childhood friends Ryan Batturs on vocals and guitars, and Josh Weaver on lead guitars. The band identifies themselves as a metal band with influences from Bullet for my Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold to progressive metal like Dream Theater, and other rock icons such as HIM and The Goo Goo Dolls. Frankly, I haven’t heard any of these influences within the music. But that’s okay, because the point here is to make your own music and not to be a copy of someone else’s.


Okay, about the album, it was released on the November 1st and it contains 12 tracks. The thing is, the 12 tracks have similar riffs and similar beats, I kind of lost track in the middle of which track I was listening to. The beginning of the album was actually promising, the opening riffs of ‘The World and Fate’ were really good… and then he started singing, and I was disappointed. The singing was just not good at all, and no, it’s nothing like Bullet for my Valentine. Of course, there were some distinguishable tracks, like ‘We’ll Never Run’ but the lyrics were too mediocre.

I can see some efforts being put in this album, but the production, man. It almost wiped out the efforts and time you’ve put working on this album. Honestly, I did believe at first it was a demo because of how poor the production was. If I listen extremely carefully I can hear some good lines and interesting solos, but the quality wasn’t that good, guys.

A part of me wants to give these guys a shout out, and give them complete support, and the other part listens to the album and gets sad. I see a lot of potential here but a lot of work is needed regarding their vocals and lyrics writing. The music was actually okay despite of being a bit repetitive.

And of course, find a better production studio.