“Carley Varley” has a way of making you “fall” in love with her music and gorgeous vocals. The UK-based musician has reached the finals of Open Mic UK in 2019 and won the Venus Award for Musical Talent in Dorset in 2018, and now she’s producing her outstanding work with her songwriting ability and pure vocals. Listening to “Fall” reminds me of the pop artist who themed her songs around seasons, months, and years many times, Taylor Swift, I even heard a resemblance in vocals. Carley may be inspired by Taylor’s style, yet she has her unique signature.

“Fall” feels like the perfect background song for that time in a love film when the protagonist realises that, despite her best efforts to dodge cupid’s arrow, it has penetrated her heart. “Fall” has everything that makes it a smashing success! The vocals are so natural and dreamy that you can’t help but admire them. The storyline in the lyrics is really nicely crafted to illustrate Carley’s first resistance, then how her heart gradually melts, and what makes it so heartfelt is that it is based on her love story with her husband. The indie-pop music vibes set the mood right! The single begins with sluggish rhythms and gradually increases in tempo to resemble her heartbeats as she falls in love. It’s like the melodies are enchanted as if every note coming out is spreading love in the air with breathy vocals that sound like a beautiful melody itself.

Even if you’ve never been in love, listening to “Fall” will make you fantasise about your ideal scenario.

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Viola Karmy