Bold, quick, loud, and brash, the latest release by British band Telling Secrets, a single called ‘Fall Behind’ is an anthemic piece of rock music that sticks quite admiringly to the well-known and loved ‘Hard Rock’ recipe, resulting in something quite endearing and refreshing.

Based in the London, Manchester, and Surrey regions of England, Telling Secrets was conceived only recently in 2021, masterminded by Vik Kovacs, who was born in the Hungarian capital Budapest, and lived also in Los Angeles. This self-proclaimed nomad musician seems to have solidified his vision for his music by growing roots that became ten-fold more ingrained in the rock music culture each time he moved from a city to another.

Indeed, listening to ‘Fall Behind’ is a daring battery of the senses. From its ludicrously heavy drumming, to its melodically belted vocals, and its unabashed soft spot for thick, distorted rhythm guitar walls of sounds. Moreover, the healthy mix is further nuanced by layers of ethereal synth pads that populate the background of the mix. For a musician who names Led Zeppelin IV as the first album he could truly not put down, Telling Secrets is on the right way in honoring this inspiration.

It is not hard to see why Telling Secrets have been moving from one success to the other on its relatively short journey since its inception, with landing on the first place for an international songwriters’ contest as a sample. Kovacs’s lyrics and melodic abilities are beautifully matched with an ability to belt out challenging lines. This band is still on the rise, and for the quality that they bring to table, it might not be long before they become a household name for lovers of pure, unadulterated, modern rock.