Liz Tainsh

Who said that vinyl records are long gone with the wind and the sands of time have submerged them?

Get your gramophones ready people because SALT -from the UK, Edinburgh- along with their record label have decided to release their latest album as a Vinyl record!

SALT are Sharon Woods (Vocalist), Robin woods (Guitars), Simon Kettles (Bass), and James King (Drums, Keyboards).

The album has a 70’s or 80’s touch which is sensible in Sharon Woods’ pitch and tone. Vocals also might need a bit of improvement and engineering to add a bit of clarity to the record which appears clearly in low notes and at certain stretched vocal lines, it sometimes feels like you’re attending a live gig for the band for how raw the vocals are. Nonetheless, how the lines were divided and sung was exceptional for me.

It actually might be intentional of the band and record label to add a bit of opacity to the vocal pitch to give the record the touch of a vinyl and old school style.

Robin Woods’ guitars are usually sticking to the adequate amount of tune heaviness throughout the record except for “Fairytale on Fire” in which the guitars are heavier in a manner that drifts a bit from the genre. However, the band stated “Fairytale is a brave album we are told, we don’t just stick to one genre, we are songwriters. Each song is a journey into Sharon’s world. She writes from the heart – resulting in an emotional journey that is not necessarily a comfortable journey”.

Keyboards are the icing on the cake for me in this record, it added the calming soul to some tracks. Also drums are stunning in maintaining the overall theme and vibes of the tracks.

At certain tracks instruments don’t quite match the speed and pace of each other’s, sometimes drums are faster and pacey than the guitars for instance and vice versa such as the track titled “Clip that Girl’s Wings”. However, this adds a bit of excitement within the track as it gives you the “wait for it” hint just with the intro pace; this is genius for me. Elevations on the tracks are amusing and they totally derived the tracks to another level, genuine.

The record isn’t only focused on a single vibe or theme, which immediately eliminates boredom and adds life to the track as each track has a different vibe than the next one.

Lyrics are simple yet detailed; You would have a challenging ease to understand the story behind each track though it was written in a simple manner, which makes you wonder and make effort cause this isn’t a teenage record as it might sound. 

My favorite track on the record would absolutely be “Fairytale On Fire”

And my rating would be 6/10

Take a listen, and rate the album!