I’m usually a metal and chugging guitars kind of guy, but sometimes I want to listen to something a bit more peaceful. That’s where my ambient and atmospheric playlist comes in, and recently I came across a musical project called Fairy’s Law.

What do I know about these/this band/guy? Absolutely nothing!

I can’t find them on Facebook or Google+. I only found a soundcloud page (linked below) that has no description and only a few tracks from their self-produced EP. There’s the review for the first track which is ‘The Black Liquid will Send you to Heaven’ but what I’ll say generally applies to the tracks I listened to from the album.

So about the atmosphere, it’s extremely eerie, not the kind of music you’d listen to before bed. But it’s also really calming; it reminds me of horror video games’ soundtracks. It’s only composed of synthesizer music, no guitars, drums or any sort of beat.

What about the production quality? Well, it’s all made on a computer, so the quality is pure; since it’s all digital and no conversions were made. I can’t complain about the mixing either because there aren’t many instruments in the mix. So basically the mix quality is great but it’s not like he had to mix 6 instruments and multiple layers to get there.

All in all if you like eerie atmospheric music you should really give him/them a shot, you won’t regret it at all.


Edited by: NJ Bakr