Chris Burgard @cburgardphoto

Fabricated Dreams is deceptive, exactly like its name implies.

This simple-in-appearance cut digs in way deeper than first appears. The talented Brazilian-Englishman Pedro Samp, who we’re in love with, is back with a single that’s going to get you grooving, then haunt your mind for days afterwards.

Pedro Samp is a guitarist at heart. Having been introduced to classics like Pink Floyd and The Police by his parents at an early age, he’s spent his life honing this craft, to sublime results, and along the way he managed to discover an inner knack for catchy songwriting, and a distinctive vocal style to match his quirky sonic architecture as well. Fabricated Dreams is based on a minimalistic 2-note-riff played on the bass. The trap drums are a far cry from his claimed rock sound, but the overdriven, meaty Stratocaster licks; bluesy, gutsy, and bold, more than make up for it, resulting in a sound that I could very easily associate with a sound Jimi Hendrix could probably pursue if he was alive and active today. Immaculate

The lyrics are haunting too, describing the present in which we are always in pursuit of one more thing we’re told we “need”, with little regard as to what would actually be of benefit to us. We’re constantly adding money to the pockets of those in the least need for it. A song that makes bold lyrical statements, as well as easily carry its own weight musically, with an amazing, catchy, minimal riff. The final results are simply captivating.

Pedro Samp continues to prove an immense talent. A natural songwriter, capable of creating attractive hooks, a brilliant, provocative lyricist, and most importantly (maybe to him), a skilled, proficient guitar player, with a heavenly tone. Fabricated Dreams is a modern Rock dream sound.